Selasa, 9 Disember 2008

My Future Wife

I actually rare to talking about my future wife.But for my goodness,I will share a little information with you all.No need a cute beautiful women who want to be your loving buddy,but the loyalty is good enough.That’s a good advantage if you get someone women who is a beautiful,cute one and very kind person.

For my future wife,I actually want to find someone who is ready want to be my wife.As I told you all before,no need a cute one but the most important thing is she can understand all about myself.Ready means she always strong minded for facing whatever obstacle together.I think that’s very good if I write in point only,more easy.

Here,I want to describe about my future wife :

Little chubby
Beautiful ( advantage)
Like to cook ( I’m really love to eat )
Ready to give birth to 5 child(maximum)
Respect our parents
Accept whatever about myself
Love children
Patient with children character
Have a religion (of course Muslim)
Wearing ‘tudung kepala’ ( I don’t know what they call in English,VEIL maybe)
Definitely malay women ( I’m just accept the destiny if that women not a malay)
Talkative ( not babbling hehehe)
Romantic ( because I’m not romantic hahaha)
Love myself,herself,our child,our parent and our family.

However,that is only my desire.I’m only make a planning,but all of the certitude are manage by Allah s.w.t.Million apologize if you found some mistake or wrong sentence using in this article,so just give your comment and I will accept it as a good advice to improve my communication and writing skills in English.

So far,I’m really have an interest wants to learn about communication and writing skills in English because it is very useful,furthermore I will use it for my MUET examination soon.

Yours sincerely,


"today i'm thinking about how to find tomorrow"

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