Khamis, 20 November 2008

Why should myself?

One day I think about something which is will make some or all of people angry to me.Why??Aha I actually think about my friends.Now,I'm single.So I propose to my friends,"Wei aku bujang sekarang so korang tak nak ker kasi aku pinjam awek korang?",I said like that to them..Do you want to know what had happen?Some of my friends are very sportive.They are not stingy with me.They are very kind to give or want to share their girlfriend with me hahaha.Oh that's a good idea.But I refuse.I actually want to tackle a cute girl that I already told you all before but I think maybe she will reject my purpose,emm what can I do for now.Just relax n stress free hehe..Yes!!I make my decision now.I plan wants to finish my study 1st,have my own career,save a lot of money,find a cute girl when I was 27 n will marry on age 30,so what do you think??as my usual,I like to see at girl,so everyday I always take 5 minutes at least,to see a girl,maybe my action looks like a weird n bad hehehe but it will make me happy n sometimes i can feel free from stress.But you all should know that I just see at their action not their body shape,breast or their butt(sometimes maybe hehehe)..
That's all for my short story that I can share with you all.I hope you all can understand,maybe I make some mistake or use a wrong sentence in this article,so just give your comment,i will accept it as a good advice to improve my communication n writing skills in english.
your sincerely,

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